Lavazza presents the origin of coffee, authenticity in its pure state, the essence of substance. Kafa, one of the most valuable coffees in the world. More than a coffee, the first coffee on earth. 

  • Origin: Ethiopia 100% Arabica 
  • Region: Kafa, rain forest in the region of the biosphere reserve, where the story of Arabica coffee begins. Over the centuries, around 5000 varieties of coffee have grown spontaneously in this region. 
  • Harvesting method: hand picking with extra selection of berries at the ideal ripening point 
  • Production: Kafa is a small region where coffee productivity per hectare is very Low. The traditional methods of cultivation further restrict the availability of this coffee. 
  • Awards: Kafa has been acknowledged as “biosphere reserve” by Unesco, becoming part of the world’s heritage 
  • Size: 500g beans