• Offer a premium Italian coffee experience from Lavazza
  • Benefit from advanced coffee machines that guarantee consistency
  • Reliable, proactive servicing support & training from Beverages Direct

Want to deliver a great coffee experience for your customers but...

  • Serve inconsistent quality, a poor coffee menu or mixed branding?
  • Have outdated coffee machines unable to keep up with demand?
  • Not been able to take advantage of growing coffee trends?
  • Suffer from high staff turnover and lack of skilled baristas?
  • Want to deliver a memorable coffee experience with a premium brand that shares your values?
  • Ready to capitalise on coffee and choose the perfect coffee solution for your business?

What We Offer

At Beverages Direct, we make it easy to find the coffee solution that’s the right fit for your business and coffee menus that suit your customer’s palates.

As your business partner, we manage everything from procurement to installation, training and servicing.

A premium Brand

Looking to improve your guest or customer experience or simply want to take advantage of high footfall? Beverages Direct will find a coffee solution that exceeds your expectations. As the leading supplier of Lavazza coffee machines, we help you team up with a well respected coffee brand that will enhance your business value. We’ll help you get the best coffee solution for your business.

On-site training and
brand awareness

We help you choose the right coffee machine and menu. Our skilled engineers and trainers will ensure your staff know how to get the best out of their machine. We ensure they have full knowledge and confidence in the machines, Lavazza’s products and delivering your coffee menu. We help you instill the Lavazza coffee culture to be able to deliver consistency to every customer, regardless of staff skill.

Proactive Maintenance
& Servicing Support
across the UK

Beverages Direct are your single point of contact for supply, delivery, installation and servicing. We work closely with you to ensure your machines are always running at their best and that you never see any downtime or loss of revenue. Our local engineers are ready to assist with any queries. Plus, you get dedicated relationship management and support whenever you need it.

Coffee Machines

Choose from a range of simple to use coffee machines for your office, business or venue. We have an extensive range of filter or bean to cup machines and pre-programmable coffee machines. Visit our Showroom in Liverpool and we’ll help you choose the right solution. Or chat with us to determine the best coffee solution for your space, your staff and customers. No matter what your requirements we have a coffee machine to suit.

Choose from:

  • Technologically advanced Lavazza capsule machines that remove the need for a barista, guarantee consistency and quality
  • Traditional Conti Espresso machines for
  • WMF Bean to Cup for skilled baristas
  • Filter Coffee Machines
  • Commercial Coffee Grinders

Premium Coffee Blends

Give your customers a special Italian coffee experience from Lavazza, the masters of coffee blending and innovation. With Lavazza’s coffee, you can offer your customers an incredible variety and flavour profile with ground coffee, beans or capsules. Choose from variable strengths and origins or from speciality and classic blends that will suit any palate. With Beverages Direct and Lavazza you can offer a coffee experience that your customers will love and come back for again and again.

  • Discover the incredible range of Lavazza coffee, perfected over 125 years
  • Preserve freshness and guarantee consistency with coffee capsules
  • Cater to conscious customers with sustainable quality blends
  • Offer a diverse coffee menu with decaf, milk and dairy-free milk coffee drinks

Successful Business Solutions

With Beverages Direct you benefit from a business partnership that looks after your machines, your staff and realises your business vision. As a Lavazza chosen supplier you also benefit from the Lavazza range of products and brand support. We have a track record of providing successful bespoke solutions and offering dedicated care to clients across industries. Find out how we’ve helped businesses and venues develop and capitalise on their coffee solutions.

About Us

We’re passionate about coffee, but we’re even more passionate about what coffee can do for you.

Every day, we’re driven by the belief that coffee can transform a space, elevate your brand and generate profit.

We’ve seen Lavazza installations outcompete the leading brands. We’ve watched countless clients be amazed by the quality of the coffee and the commitment from our sales team and engineers.

That’s why we’re passionate not just about coffee but about what coffee can do for your business. With our attentive and proactive service model, we want you to reap the benefits of a tailored coffee solution.

Give us a call and find out how coffee can transform your business.

Beverages Direct & Lavazza for your business

We offer a business solution that is tailored to your business sector and your unique customers.
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Our Clients

  • Aintree Hospital
  • Cedar Court Hotels
  • Cineworld
  • Cirq D-play
  • Rough Handmade Boutique Bakery
  • The Park Bar & Kitchen
Case Studies
David M Robinson

Beverages Direct were thrilled when we received a direct enquiry from David M Robinson (DMR) for the supply of Lavazza coffee solutions for the new Omega boutique shop in Liverpool ONE.

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Customer Testimonials