What Makes Lavazza The Perfect Business Partner?

Lavazza can provide business coffee machines and coffee solutions tailored for your business.

At Beverages Direct, we’ve been offering Lavazza branded beverage solutions exclusively to companies in the North West and across the UK for over seventeen years. 

We have worked with businesses across healthcare, hospitality and offices large and small to create everything from small coffee machine solutions to independent co-branded cafés.

What makes Lavazza so unique?

The reason we’ve chosen to offer Lavazza over any other brand is because of its rich Italian history, its commitment to innovation and technology and because it offers great quality coffee with exceptional solutions for businesses.

We are proud to say that our clients always give us glowing reports after the installation of a coffee station or branded café. From restaurants, hotels chains and hospitals – each Beverages Direct customer has been impressed by how much they love using Lavazza machines and coffee because not only does it make them delicious beverages but also provides additional benefits such as increased profits!

Read on to find out why we believe Lavazza is so exceptional.

Italian heritage and a premium brand

With Lavazza, you can offer an Italian coffee experience steeped in history.  

Lavazza has been roasting and perfecting the art of blending coffee since 1895 and you can taste that dedication and passion in every cup. 

“The history of Lavazza is that of a business which, for over 120 years, has pursued a company vision based on a passion for work, for the product and the land in which it operates. These values have been ingrained in Lavazza’s DNA since its foundation in 1895, and upheld by four generations of entrepreneurs.” Lavazza

Although the company has grown into a global brand it is still a family company with its heart in Turin. It is also still the number one coffee in Italy.

Although Lavazza has a long history, the brand continually evolves and today is synonymous with modern sophisticated style and refined tastes. 

It has chosen its brand ambassadors carefully, ranging from Michelin-starred chefs like Jason Atherton and Massimo Bottura and sports stars in tennis, football. 

For hospitality, restaurants and cafés Lavazza’s coffee solutions offer the perfect pairing.

“Lungo, decaf, macchiato… I get so many different requests but, thanks to Lavazza, the restaurant can keep everyone happy.”

Robert, Waiter

“Things have to look good too. This goes for the dishes we serve and also for the coffee. Lavazza gives us everything we need to present it at its best.

─ Renato, restaurant owner

Companies partnering with Lavazza can benefit from co-branding with a premium and well respected brand. Businesses don’t just get a machine and some coffee.  Beverages Direct will provide you with installation support, training, menu creation and, branding with a range of Lavazza accessories to style your coffee service. 

Why not bring a trusted, quality product, with a rich heritage and premium branding to your business?

The perfect blend of Lavazza and technology

Lavazza has a passion for learning and continuous development of its products and coffee systems. They use cutting edge technology to continually improve their espresso systems, production methods and packaging. 

At their innovation centre, the global team looks for even better ways to reduce extraction errors.  

Lavazza even has their own Internal Patent Office to protect any proprietary solutions they develop. 

Did you know that Lavazza also teamed up with Argotec to design a coffee machine that can be used by astronauts on the ISS!

Lavazza’s commitment to sustainability

For businesses looking to invest in a coffee solution, it is important to consider brands that are socially and environmentally friendly. Today’s customers demand more traceability for their products. They want to know where it has come from and that it has been ethically produced. 

Lavazza has been working towards improving the lives of its coffee producers since the very early days. 

“Ever since 1935, we have adopted a company vision that prioritises the economic, human, environmental and cultural heritage of the countries in which we work.” Lavazza 

The Lavazza Foundation runs several community projects for coffee growers to promote environmentally sustainable agricultural practices. 

The Lavazza Rainforest Alliance ¡Tierra! project covers 19 countries and helps farmers safeguard the environment by farming sustainably. It also aims to support the economic and social improvement of the coffee growing communities and support entrepreneurship.

“To Lavazza, coffee is more than just a commodity. Having a range of coffees resulting from our projects shows that we are not just buying coffee over a phone call. We actually go to those countries, work with farmers, help the local community, and very carefully select coffee to share with our customers.” Cristiano Portis, Asia and Pacific Coffee Research and Development Manager and Licensed Q Grader for Lavazza

Lavazza is also currently working on reforestation and teaching sustainable agricultural practices to farmers to enrich the soil. They are also committed to getting coffee production to net-zero through a combination of reducing and offsetting their carbon emissions. 

Even with their machines, Lavazza has cost-efficient A+ energy-efficient machines.

With Lavazza, you team up with a company that has a genuine passion for investing in coffee communities and protecting the earth, values that will be welcomed by your customers.

A wide variety of coffee flavours from around the world

Lavazza prides itself on offering a wide range of coffee to suit all palates and offers both ground and coffee beans for sale. 

  • Specialities: a selection of unique coffee origins – Lavazza specialities for the finest palates. 
  • Origins: a blend collection of valuable origins selected and blended artfully by Lavazza to offer the perfect combination of the territory of origin taste.
  • Classic: easy to prepare, these blends yield a consistent in-cup quality.

Plus there is a great capsule range of coffee tastes that will impress even a coffee connoisseur. 

  • Kafa – this is a premium coffee from plants that grow spontaneously in the Ethiopian rainforests. It has intense notes of jasmine, honey, date,
  • ¡Tierra! – coffee from social responsibility projects
  • Rotundo – full-bodied and velvety
  • Decaf – 100% Arabica decaffeinated

A flexible coffee solution for businesses

The Lavazza range of machines provides solutions for every sized business. With their modern capsule system, you can create your own branded coffee shops with just one machine! 

The Lavazza LB4724 produces the perfect drink and gives it an extra touch by using two automatic pre-set milk frothers that produce textured hot chocolate or cappuccino at any time day or night without fail.

The Lavazza machines are perfect for businesses that want a flexible and easy-to-operate coffee maker. The production of these high-quality beverages does not require any special training, so they’re great if you don’t have baristas on staff or just need an extra hand with making drinks during busy periods!

The machines have incredible attention to detail which eliminates errors during coffee extraction. That means Lavazza’s systems are ideal for businesses that may not have trained baristas.

With a range of Lavazza coffee capsules and bean to cup machines, business campuses, workspaces and offices can provide the Italian espresso experience on-site. 

About Beverages Direct

We have chosen to partner with Lavazza for our core coffee offering because it simply has the best range of coffee, the best technology and a robust brand identity that can benefit businesses who adopt the range. 

“I’ve worked with the big coffee brands, but with Lavazza, the quality and cutting edge technology that goes into their machines just makes it an unbeatable coffee solution, in my opinion.” Alun Owen, Managing Director, Beverages Direct

We work with a range of small to large businesses and organisations to create coffee experiences. From coffee machines for meeting areas to full cafés in a hospital, we can provide the right solution that will benefit your employees or guests. 

We have worked with many companies to find Lavazza solutions that will capitalise on their high footfall areas. They’ve all been amazed by the results. 

With Beverages Direct, you get a dedicated account manager who will work on integrating Lavazza business coffee machines and the Lavazza brand into your business, planning the installation, training and roll out of whatever drinks solution you choose. We also work with you on any co-branding needed. 

If you’re local to Liverpool, then we’d love to invite you to a tasting session in our Liverpool Showroom. Come and experience the full Lavazza café experience and the range of digital artwork, brand equipment and serving materials that you could have in your own business. 
You can book a tasting session by visiting the link here or why not give us a call on 0870 950 1118.