Coffee Shop

Offer your customers a wide range of coffee and deliver excellent coffee every time with a machine to suit your premises. Having a Lavazza’s product range and brand collateral for your coffee shop will give you the support and products you need to create loyal customers and compete with the high street competitors.

Focus on customer service in your coffee shop with Lavazza Coffee Machines

Choose from a range of cutting edge coffee machine solutions for your coffee shop. Whether you want a traditional espresso for your trained baristas or need an easy to use machine for your staff, we can find you the perfect solution. Why not try the Lavazza capsule machines and ensure reliability, consistency and quality with every cup.

  • Choose from a range of coffee machines to meet your particular footfall
  • Eliminate extraction errors and focus on customer service
  • Guarantee your customers a perfect cup of coffee
  • Bring the Lavazza brand mark to your shop and enhance your premises

Get a Lavazza coffee menu that will excite your customers

Choose from expertly selected premium coffee beans, blends and capsules.

  • Select from a wide range of Lavazza premium products
  • Offer your customers a conscious choice with Lavazza’s socially responsible and sustainably sourced coffee range
  • Guarantee excellence and a real Italian experience that will build loyalty
  • Give your customers blends, strengths and styles to suit their taste

Peace of mind with on site training & servicing support

Beverages Direct supports your coffee machine and staff from the moment of installation. Benefit from our expert advice, purchasing, installation and training from our experienced coffee engineers. Your coffee shop will also benefit from our servicing support model to ensure you reduce down time and get proactive support to keep your machines optimized and your customers happy.

Why your coffee shop needs to partner with Lavazza

You partner with a company that has four generations of experience finding and creating the perfect cups of coffee. Lavazza is continually looking to the future for coffee trends, new flavours and tastes, so you can be sure you stay ahead of the curve too. With cutting edge technology in the Lavazza capsule machines you can be sure that you always extract great coffee with minimal training to meet demand.

Customer Testimonial

“We have worked with Beverages Direct for many years across both our Allerton Manor and Shirdley Park venues. We chose the Lavazza Blue espresso system for the high-quality product and consistent product delivery. Beverages Direct support our business locally with equipment supply, service back up and staff training. They understand the requirements for professional support in one of the most demanding hospitality settings.”

Craig Coley, Managing Director, Green Circle Estates

Talk to us about your vision for your coffee shop?

Visit our Liverpool showroom to experience the Lavazza brand and taste some incredible coffees. Just give us a call, email us or fill out the form.

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